11 Jan

Knoch Softball Clinic

Clinic conducted by current Knoch softball coaches and players. Instruction will include a varitey of softball stations, drills and softball life lessons with a focus on playing with passion, purpose and strong fundamentals.

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19 Dec

2024 Spring Signups

Spring registration is open. Registration will close the end of February, but pleas register before Feb 1st, explained below.


Uniform numbers are now going to be unique within an age group, not just the team as it was in the past. That means that there's a chance that you will not get your first choice of number if an older player in the age group already had that number, even if they are on another team in that age group. We are doing this primarily to speed up when we can order the jerseys. By doing it this way we don't have to wait until the draft happens to place the order. We are going to place the order probably around Feb 1st. The 2nd reason is it will allow us to switch to Crossbar's number management which works at the age level as well. Both reasons make it easier on the board and less likely that we make mistakes by rushing to get the order placed. Be prepared to see more 2nd choices chosen now that jerseys are unique within the age group. Please do not pick super common numbers for both choices, like 7 and 8. If you register after Feb 1st, even if your kid is older than someone else you will not get the number since we will have already placed the order for the first set of jerseys. So register before then.

Uniform sizing at the Jefferson Twp Building:

Saturday, January 20, 2024 from 10 am - 1 pm

Sunday, January 21, 2024 from 1pm - 4 pm

Monday, January 22, 2024 from 7pm - 8 pm

Winter batting is getting started, prepare to hear from your fall coaches. If you didn't play in the fall you should register early, so that we can get you added to the list.

Register HERE

11 Aug

2023 Fall Ball Signups

Fall Registration is now open (and closes on Aug 26) online here. We expect to field 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 15U this fall.

We are using a new software platform instead of TeamSnap. This will save us money and hopefully be easier to use. I know it’s annoying to have to learn something new.

Reminder you only need to pay the $45 fee if you did not play in the Spring. If you don’t see a free option use the discount code SPRING 

Fall ball is less formal and it is understood that many girls play other sports and cannot make every practice and game. If you are interested in trying softball for the first time, Fall is a great time to do so. The season will start right away this year at the beginning of September and will finish in October weather permitting. If you have questions please contact us, but check out the FAQ at http://www.sagsa.org/faq/

The age groups have changed this year, as USA Softball changed them to match your school year. No longer do the girls with Fall birthdays have to play up with the girls that are a grade ahead of them. The registration form explains the cutoffs.

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